Plant growth regulator
based on colloidal silver
with fungicidal effect

Complex of microelements
in chelated form
with colloidal silver

fungicide and bactericide
based on colloidal silver

SCS.TECHNOLOGY is a patented technology for stabilization of colloidal silver. This technology ensures comprehensive protection of plants from fungal and bacterial diseases, including hardly eradicable diseases, and control over the yield and quality of agricultural products.

The technology includes three fundamental constituents related to each other within the framework of the formation of a unified concept of plant protection by AgroKhimProm Group of Companies: production (SCS.lab), application (SCS.plant) and product quality management (


The idea to use silver in crop production came long ago because of the unique combination of high biocidal (anti-pathogenic) activity, powerful elicitor (immunizing) and growth-promoting action.

Elicitor effect

strengthened immune system, improved metabolism, increased resistance of plants to stress factors

Stimulant effect

stimulated development and increased productivity of plants, improved quality indexes of products

Anti-pathogenic effect

ensured resistance of plants to the development and spread of fungal and bacterial pathogens

On the way to the mass application of silver in the agricultural sector there are technological problems. First of all, it is the problem of maintained stability (aggregative stability) and the effectiveness of preparations based on this element for a long period of time, and also of joint application of such preparations in a tank mixture with other pesticides and agrochemicals. One more important task is to prevent plants from the toxicity of working solutions in some combination of compounds with silver. Another problem is the cost: silver-based preparations should be not only stable and effective, but also cost-effective for use in agriculture.

Just the specialists of GC AKhP together with a group of scientists from Lomonosov Moscow State University have managed to solve all these problems and made a step from theory to practice by developing a special technology for stabilization of colloidal silver and synthesis of the preparations based on it – SCS.lab, which allowed the mass production of highly effective preparations based on this element.

The uniqueness of the technology is in the use of specially selected stabilizing substances maximizing the potential of colloidal silver and managing the properties of silver. During the test process, over 50 combinations of stabilizers with colloidal silver in various concentrations of the latter were carefully studied.

Colloidal silver conjoins the properties of a fungicide bactericide, an abiotic elicitor and a growth regulator, and the above mentioned properties laid a foundation of the company’s line of preparations, differentiated by the direction of action of colloidal silver with the help of stabilizing agents.

Taking into account the key characteristics of the developed plant protection products, agrochemical specialists of GC AKhP have developed the concept of its optimal implementation in the crop protection system, with management of crop yield and comprehensive plant protection from a wide range of diseases – SCS.plant.


SCS.plant technology is unique due to the complex effect of stabilized colloidal silver on the plant and pathogen cells, including:

  • Wide spectrum direct biocidal action against fungi and bacteria,
  • Elicitor effect on the plant immune system in order to increase nonspecific phytoimmunity and eliminate viral diseases,
  • Strong growth-promoting effect.

The use of various stabilizing agents makes it possible to “direct” particles of colloidal silver to the plant organism and pathogen cells, solving the problem in a particular case. At the same time, colloidal silver does not cause resistance in pathogens and can additionally act as an antiresistant component; successfully integrating into any plant protection technology.

Nowadays, there are 3 preparations for agriculture, differentiated by the key properties of colloidal silver with the help of stabilizing agents:

A similar process of the integrated operation of SCS.plant technology let us to obtain high efficiency at relatively small dosages of preparations, making the protection process more cost-effective, reducing the pesticidal stress, as well as harmful effects on the environment.

Over the last 5 years, AgroKhimProm Group of Companies has been actively working to make agriculture safer without losses in its economic efficiency.

The success of the created preparations and its unique properties, influencing well not only vegetative plants, but also agricultural products, have pushed AgroKhimProm specialists to reach a new level. Together with socially responsible agricultural producers in Russia and the CIS, another element was formed –, aimed at growing high-quality and environmentally friendly harvest.


In agriculture, there are a number of problems which cause significant damage to the environment and human health. The use of antibiotics, the spread of resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, soil contamination with heavy metals used to protect plants (in particular, copper-based fungicides) are the most significant among them.

As a result of numerous production and scientific tests, it was proved that the application of SCS.plant technology not only improves the taste and appearance of the harvested agricultural products, but also makes them environmentally friendly for human.

This is especially true for the cultivation of fruit, stone fruit and vegetable crops. These crops are often susceptible to the most dangerous and difficult to eradicate diseases, for elimination of which antibiotics and copper-containing preparations are used. As a result of the resistance of pathogens to the indicated preparations, the dosages and the frequency of application are growing rapidly. This tendency in the near future may cause irreparable damage to the environment. It already has a negative impact on the human health through consumption of vegetables and fruits with the residual quantities of antibiotics and heavy metals.

Due to the high effectiveness of silver, as is a key component of preparations, its application dosage is disproportionately small in comparison with dosage of traditional fungicides containing metals.

For example, in the application process of copper-containing fungicides to combat plant diseases, about 1 kg of pure metal per hectare is put into the soil. And only 0.006 kg of pure metal per hectare is put into the soil when the most powerful preparation from line – Zeroxxe ®, a fungicide and bactericide with translaminar action, is used.

At the same time, our preparations by provide a highly effective antibiotic-free fight against most plant diseases, including hardly eradicable diseases such as bacterial blight in fruit crops, bacterial canker in vegetable crops, Fusarium wilt in cotton, etc.

Moreover, GC AKhP’s plant protection products are able to improve the taste of agricultural products in a natural way, providing a positive effect on the content of vitamins, sugars, protein, fiber and other quality indexes.

Currently, GC AKhP’s specialists are in the process of elaboration of an accreditation system for the agricultural producers using the company’s preparations, and also for the labeling of ready products. Thus, consumers can be sure of the quality and safety of food products grown by SCS.plant technology.