Plant growth regulator
based on colloidal silver
with fungicidal effect


Russian regions apply our preparations


countries use our plant protection product




scientific institutions confirm effectiveness of our product

Zerebra Agro overview

  • APPLICATION: for treatment of seeds and tubers before sowing and planting, for spraying of agricultural crops in vegetation
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT: colloidal silver 500 mg/L
  • FORMULATION: water solution (WS)
  • CROP ROTATION: without restriction
  • PHYTOTOXICITY: no phytotoxity if the use directions are followed
  • HASARD CLASS: 4th hazard class (low hazard substances)
  • SHELF LIFE: 4 years
  • TEMPERATURE OF STORAGE: from +5°С to +25°С
  • РЕЖИМ ХРАНЕНИЯ – от +5°С до +25°С
Growth stimulation effect 0
Elicitor effect 0
Anti-pathogenic effect 0

Positive effects of the preparation

Inhibition of pathogenic fungi and bacteria growth, decrease in seed and plant diseases, reduction of fungicide application rate to the minimum, which is recommended by the regulations; prolonged effect of fungicides, enlarged effect spectrum of fungicides

Increase in the resistance to short-term frost, drought, high temperature; formation of the resistance to pathogenic microflora, decrease in the damage caused by diseases, reduction of the toxic effect of pesticides on a cultivated plant (fungicide load decreases, retardant effect reduces)

1-2 days increase in seed germination, seedlings appear simultaneously, length and thickness of roots increase, secondary root system develops intensively, leaves develop more intensively, no difference in plant height

Increased vegetative mass, increased photosynthetic leaf activity, dynamic branching and tillering processes, improved product quality (grain natural weight, content of gluten , gluten deformation index, oil, sugar, etc.), yield increase

Zerebra Agro is

Joint innovation
Technology protected by the patent
Russian-made product
Unique active ingredient

Joint innovation of AgroKhimProm Group of companies’ experts and Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Chemistry Department specialists

The production technology is protected by Russian and international patents

Product is developed and manufactured in the Russian Federation using the Russian raw materials

Colloidal silver has been registered as an element of a plant protection product for the first time in the worldwide practice

Multipurpose preparation
Low-cost application rate per hectare
Safe plant protection product

Zerebra Agro can be incorporated into any plant protective system or plant nutrition system

Due to the low hectare application rate and balanced cost, the plant protection product has a low hectare cost

Low pesticidal stress on the soil and plants with the minimal consumption rate of a fungicide and without loss of effectiveness

4th hazard class (low hazard substances)