How to make a working solution: technology


Step 1

Fill the tank with water for 2/3 of the calculated amount

Step 2

Add all the components of the working solution, excluding Zerebra Agro

Step 3

Add a stabilizer of the working solution, mix the components well

Step 4

Add Zerebra Agro in the working solution, stir it well, then fill the tank with the remaining amount of water to the calculated amount

If you use water from artesian wells with the presence of sulfate ions in high concentration (more than 30-50 mg/L), it is recommended to use a stabilizer in the working solution.

Compatibility in a tank mixture with pesticides and agrochemicals

Completely compatible with adhesives and wetting agents based on anionic and nonionic surfactants (Oksanol, Trend-90, ATD-90) and siloxanes (Silvet Gold).

Compatible with the majority of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides in the form of emulsion concentrate (EC) and suspension concentrate (SC), and also with carbamide.

Compatible, if it is used with a stabilizer, in a tank mixture with:

  • micronutrient fertilizers and mezoelement fertilizers, including chelated ones;
  • foliar fertilizers with the basic nutrient elements (N, P, K, S);
  • plant protection products of such formulation as water-dispersible granules (WDG) and wettable powder (WP);
  • humic agents.

Before using a tank mixture with preparations containing live microorganisms, sulfur in active form (colloidal sulfur, decoction of sulfur and lime), TMTD (thiram), copper compounds (except chelated forms), copper sulphate, copper oxychloride, Bordeaux mixture, surfactants based on biopolymers (liposam) – consult a specialist preliminarily.